Using “En” in French

The pronoun “en” can be tricky for English speakers, but this post provides a few small tips on how to use this pronoun correctly.

First, “en” can replace nouns accompanied by an indefinite article. Examples include:

  • Tu manges des crêpes? Oui, j’en mange souvent.
  • Tu veux une banane? Merci, j’en prends une.

Second, “en” can also replace nouns that come after the preposition “de.” Examples include:

  • Il y a de la soupe? J’en veux beaucoup.
  • Tu veux un kilo de farine? Oui, j’en prends la moitié.

Third, “en” is used for places that are preceded by “de,” such as:

  • Tu es parti de Bordeaux ce matin? Oui, j’en suis parti à 10h.

Finally, “en” is used when “de” follows the verb as in:

  • Je rêve de devenir cantatrice. J’en rêve.

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